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       Where to go to enjoy our teas ? 

Café des feuilles

A restaurant but also a tearoom in the heart of Saint Hélier area, in downtown Rennes.


Chawp Shop Wok

A Thai restaurant in Rennes. Asian street food made from fresh products and cooked on site.



Chawp Shop BBQ

A Thai restaurant Rennes. Asian street food made from fresh products and cooked on site.

This new restaurant serves Thai traditionnal grilled food. 


L'Atelier des Gourmets

Restorer from Rennes, who serves French food made from fresh and seasonal products. 


La Gavotte

A creperie in downtown Rennes, where you will enjoy delicious "galettes and crêpes bretonnes".



La Kitchenette

Selected by Le Fooding in 2014, la Kitchenette serves lots of original plates cooked with fresh and gourmet products. 


Le Manoir des Portes

This hostel with restaurant has been built in a fancy 16th century house, and receives guests all year long. Go in Lamballe to enjoy its clever and full flavoured food.



Mary's Tea Room

You will found this cosy and very British tearoom in the city center of Nantes. À la carte, many different teas but also delicious pastries. 


Samuel Herfray 

One of the best hair salon in Rennes, the decoration and the atmosphere will enable you to escape the reality during your haircut.



Our Partners 

Dame Cerise

A jam producer in Essé, in Ille et vilaine called Dame Cerise, who makes her jams from tasty fruits. 



Delikats company is specialized in importing chocolate. Bars of chocolate are produced by chocolate makers living in Vietnam, Peru, or Lithuania. 


La Boîte à Thé

La Boîte à thé is a French company based in Calais, which makes handmade Japanese tea boxes.


La Quintessence du Thé

In 2010, Carine Baudry and Clothilde Dutry, both teas and flavours lover, have decided to form a partnership, so as to create tea tasting iniciation boxes which come with teaching aids.