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Green Mandarin Flavoured Pu'Er

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This tea that we call « xiao qing gan » which literally means « sweet little heart », is very precious and entirely hand-made in the Guangdong province in China.

Mandarin trees bloom in March, their fruits appear in April. The harvest takes place in July or August. Pickers select mandarins which then, have to be transformed within two days after the picking. 

Picked mandarins are cleaned, and classified according to their size. After this, we dig a small circle on the top, which will enable to remove the pulp, clean the peels, and fill the mandarins with tea leaves. Then everything is dried and we get this slightly green mandarin flavoured Pu'Er.

Weight : about 15g

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Green Mandarin Flavoured Pu'Er

Green Mandarin Flavoured Pu'Er

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